The Orchid

The Orchid

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Bath Children's Novel Award

Busy this week polishing my entry for the Bath Children's Novel award, which I have been given the go-ahead to enter after checking with the organisers.

I'm entering my new story, a children's time travel novel covering from Roman Britain to World War II. I haven't written children's novels before, so don't expect to get short-listed, but a long-listing would be sufficient to give me the boost to start sending the book off to agents. I'm now racing ahead to get the manuscript completed in case it does get requested. Is anyone else entering? Let me know and we'll wait together for the long-list to be published! 

Children's writing is quite different to adults, it's not just as simple as using shorter words. Children generally lack the skill to pick up the subtle hints in a book regarding expression or character's feelings, so the usual maxim of 'show don't tell,' isn't so relevant. When you're writing for young people, 'telling,' is allowed, as long as it's carefully done. The first two J.K. Rowling books contained quite a bit of telling, which is noticeably missing from her later works, which were aimed at older readers. 

In other writing news, Beloved Enemy, my medieval romance was released this week by My Weekly and is currently on supermarkets shelves. Lovely to see a book published and the editors at My Weekly have done a marvelous job with the edits and cover art. 

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