The Orchid

The Orchid

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Summer in Rye Released!

I'm delighted that Summer in Rye has been re-released! An exciting Victorian romance novella, it covers the darker issues of domestic violence and childhood small pox. Available from Amazon today at a reduced introduction price of £1.28 ($1.99).

Summer in Rye was originally published by Musa, who sadly had to close their doors earlier in the year. As it was always one of my favourites, I have made my first attempt into self-publishing and released it myself. 

It was easier than I expected to do, so I will also be releasing The Orchid, for which I retained the e-book rights, later in the month. The Orchid was bought by My Weekly and released as a paperback Pocket Novel, and will also be released in hard-book format by Ulverscroft later in the year. 

I have sold my medieval romance, Bound by a Common Enemy, to My Weekly, which will will be released as a Pocket Novel later in the year. I'm very pleased about this sale as I'm very fond of the characters in Bound By, in particular my heroine Elizabeth, who is an intelligent and courageous woman with a very difficult decision to make. 

Bound By is the last of my romances for a while since I am working on a children's book that I hope to enter into the Times/Chicken House competition details here. (Thank you to the excellent Patsy Collins for her mention of the competition on her blog).  The market for children's story is highly competitive with many brilliant writers, so I am under no illusions about how difficult this next step will be. However, I feel ready to push myself further with my writing and try something new. The children's book is the first in a series of 7 and I have completed the first draft, so well on the way for a final manuscript to be ready by the competition deadline. 

Summer in Rye blurb

A tragedy brought Eva Brookwell and Samuel Shaw back into each other’s lives. But will lies from the past destroy their chances of a future? 

Left penniless after the death of her philandering father, Eva Brookwell takes a job as a governess at Rye Hall, but didn’t expect to find her young charges scarred and blinded from smallpox. Rye Hall is an unhappy house with a tyrannical master and Eva is forced to turn to her pupils’ uncle, Samuel Shaw for help. 

Eva and Samuel had once been engaged, until his lies drove them apart. Still in love with him, Eva knows she could never trust him again; however he is her only ally in the dark and disturbed household she now lives in.

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