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The Orchid

Friday, 27 December 2013

Risking it All!

And it's release day for my fifth book, the WW2 novella, Risking it All! Published by The Wild Rose Press, this is an exciting tale of love and spitfire planes, based on the stories my grandfather used to tell me. Available now for £1.29. ($1.99). 

I love this book due to my hero, Billy Jenkins, who is one of my most memorable male characters. I've put an extract below from when he meets the heroine Lynne at an RAF dance. 


Lynne stood in the mess hall, squinting through the wisps of white cigarette smoke. Billy sat slumped in a chair, his dark hair stuck upwards as though he’d dragged a hand through it, his blue uniform partly unbuttoned, showing a flash of white vest. The floor trembled from a foot-tapping jive and she jerked to avoid two dancers who leapt with wild abandon. The room, with its closed windows covered in black-outs, reeked of sweat, cigarettes and bluebell perfume.
“I think your friend’s had a few,” Barbara said.
“It’s hard for them,” Lynne said. “Going up several times a day, watching their comrades plummet down,
smoke pouring from their planes. I hear them over my radio. I can’t imagine what it must be like up in the
clouds playing hide and seek with the enemy, wondering if you’ll be next.”
Barbara’s brow creased. “You’re not falling for him are you?”
Lynne laughed. “No, never a pilot and never him.”
She wasn’t that girl anymore—the fool who hung around for an invite to the flicks. Glancing at him again,
she saw his hand fumble for his bottle of beer. Raising it to his lips, he drank, staring into the room with an
expression of adult pain in the face of the boy she remembered. She looked away.
“He’s coming over,” Barbara said.
Lynne stood still until she caught a familiar musky scent.
“Dance?” Billy said.


Beneath bomb-filled skies, Head Radio Operator Lynne Cecil takes the safety of her RAF pilots seriously. They're England's last defense against the Luftwaffe. But too many pilots die on her watch. The top brass harass her for answers, but her team is giving their all. 

Devastated by the death of his brother, Spitfire ace Billy Jenkins accepts a secret assignment to investigate the high rate of deaths. But the person who seems at fault is his old flame, Lynne. Torn between duty and love, Billy must discover if the woman he still adores is responsible for the loss of his fellow flyers. 

Lynne can't afford the distraction of falling for a fighter pilot like Billy at this dangerous time. But every flight could be Billy's last. Will she settle for one night of passion or risk losing him forever?

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